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I don’t care what people say when we’re together
Hi, welkom to my blog dedicated to Ed Sheeran, One Direction & Taylor Swift. My name's is Bowien, and if you want to talk to me of ask something, dont think just do. You can find our ask box above.
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underrated niall/harry moments



i’m a constant lump of emotions over niall and harry doing cute (somewhat)((not really)) subtle things and everyone else needs to be, too.

here are your top ten underrated narry moments:

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Ladies I hope getting your nails done feels good because not a single man notices you got them done.


just maybe

women do some things for themselves and not just for men

what a concept

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Zayn Malik and Harry Styles Take Me Home Tour Meet and Greets

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// GEORGE //

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"There’s a girl who seems to have broken her arm. What’s your name?" 30/08

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Matty Healy & Bryan Sammis